Tax Services

Introduction to Tax Services

By reducing or deferring taxes, effective tax planning can make a tangible difference in your cash flow. Our team of experienced tax professionals and tax accountants in the Tampa Bay area will work with you to evaluate your financial reporting and implement a tax accounting strategy that results in the most significant benefits.

With our help you’ll capitalize on the lowest effective tax rates, minimizing taxes and maximizing value. In addition, we can help you better evaluate the tax consequences of mergers and acquisitions, divestitures and various personal wealth management vehicles.

Tax Preparation Services

Our comprehensive tax planning and compliance services include:

  • C Corporations
  • Consolidated Corporate Groups
  • Estates
  • Foreign Corporations
  • Gifts
  • Individuals
  • Insurance companies
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Not-For-Profit Organizations
  • Partnerships
  • Regulated Investment Companies
  • S Corporations
  • State Income & Franchise Tax Returns (all states)
  • Trusts

Our tax preparers can advise you on the filing requirements of the above tax returns as well as prepare the returns on your behalf.

Tax Planning

Proper tax planning helps you increase the opportunity to minimize taxes as well as anticipate the amounts that will become payable in the future.

Tax planning is not done with a rear view mirror. It is done on a proactive basis looking toward the future.

With the help of our tax accountants, projections of taxable income are prepared. These projections serve as the starting point of effective tax planning. This allows us to anticipate the effect that tax law changes and any changes in your business or personal situation will have on your financial goals. Tax planning is a significant part of the year-round contact we have with our clients.

Buying or Starting a Business

Structure is very important in the purchase or formation of a new business. Many tax consequences are determined by the structure you choose.

There can be many questions…

  • Is it better to buy stock or assets?
  • Should I form an LLC?
  • The company I want to buy has net operating losses, can I deduct them?
  • Which structure makes me pay the least taxes?
  • Should I be concerned about sales taxes?

We can help you sift through these issues and find the best answers for your situation.

Tax Audit Representation

If you are selected for an audit by the IRS or a state taxing authority, we can represent you even if we did not prepare the return under audit. We also represent clients in sales tax audits.

By the execution of a Power of Attorney, you can appoint us to communicate with the taxing authority and relieve yourself of that responsibility.

With our knowledge of tax law, we will represent your interests before the IRS. Please let us help you if you are called for an audit and we can assist you with our audit services.

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