Business Valuation Services

Business Valuation Services in Tampa Bay

Having your business valued gives you, the owner, a planning tool that helps you identify ways to start making your business more valuable now so that you can sell the business at a higher profit when you are ready to do so.

When should you have your business valued?

Key events in which business valuations are appropriate include:

  • Upon death of an owner/partner
  • Upon gifting (charitable or non-charitable)
  • When structuring a buy/sell agreement
  • Prior to the sale of a business
  • During succession planning

What are the benefits of a business valuation?

There are major areas in which a business valuation is crucial:

  • Compliance – All businesses are required by the IRS to be valued for estate and gift tax returns.
  • Planning – When structuring a buy/sell agreement, formulating financial plans, or as a part of a merger/acquisition.
  • Litigation – The correct value of a business will assist in resolving stockholder disputes, determining damages, settling insurance claims and solving other business disputes.