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What Our Clients Say About GSS

David Meehan

"Having worked with some of the national firms, we've been delighted to find that GSS has the ability to provide the same level and types of services as those firms but much more cost effectively. They have spent more time helping us plan for today and for the future, and I believe they deliver a high level of service and accessibility simply because they make the time to do so. Since 1968, we have experienced top-notch service with timely technical proficiency."

- David K. Meehan, Former President of Bankers Insurance Company

David Craighead

"Before hiring Gregory, Sharer & Stuart, we were a client of a national firm. Through the years, I have been impressed by the staff at GSS, who have proven to be personable, experienced and knowledgeable. Our company has grown in complexity, and GSS has had the experience necessary to see us through each growth stage. I personally have recommended GSS to my partners and other business associates because I know that Gregory, Sharer & Stuart has the resources to handle any accounting need."

- David Craighead, The Glen Lakes Partnership, Ltd.

Art O'Hara

"I've found it to be very difficult distinguishing between accounting firms. What sets Gregory, Sharer & Stuart apart is the interest they've taken in understanding our organization and how we operate. That understanding led them to identify process improvements for our organization that, once implemented, resulted in thousands of dollars in savings. We expected great service and the timely filing of our audit and tax reports, we got far more than that and would recommend GSS to anyone who's looking for an accounting firm that can offer more than you'd expect."

- Arthur O'Hara, Executive Director of R'Club Child Care, Inc.

Mark Rutledge

"My company's relationship with Gregory, Sharer & Stuart began in 1994. As our company transitioned from primarily a loan acquisition/lender to a property management firm, our needs expanded and our relationship with GSS strengthened. Throughout company acquisitions and the formation of new partnerships, GSS aided in corporate restructuring and streamlining accounting and financial reporting processes - helping us to be efficient and save money. The members of our GSS engagement team have become trusted advisors and have shown us that they are willing to go the "extra mile" - making a positive difference in the success of our company."

- Mark Rutledge, President of WRH Income Properties, Inc.

Ward Register

"When my company engaged Gregory, Sharer & Stuart, we were up against a tax deadline. GSS promised they would complete the necessary work on time - despite the short deadline - and they delivered. At the same time, our bank required monthly reports that were time consuming and expensive for us to implement. GSS took the initiative, spoke with the bank and helped negotiate a quarterly reporting schedule. I couldn't be happier with the dedication and help we have received from Gregory, Sharer & Stuart; they're an accounting firm that makes things happen."

- Ward Register, CFO of Midway Services, Inc.

Hank Booth

"In 1995, my company became a client of Gregory, Sharer & Stuart. We receive more personal attention from GSS than we received from our prior firm - something my company really wants. The engagement team working with us is dependable, responsive and delivers consistent levels of service throughout the year. For any local company needing a higher level of service and a firm that will respond to your changing and growing needs, GSS is the right firm for you."

- Hank Booth, ABI Companies, Inc.

Subhash Dave'

"Gregory, Sharer & Stuart has been instrumental in the growth and expansion of our manufacturing business. Since 1984, GSS has consistently surpassed our expectations of an accounting firm - delivering sound business advice that helps us to be competitive, profitable and on top of our industry."

- Subhash A. Dave', President of Agora Sales, Inc.

Bruce Lauer

"If you're looking for a CPA firm with a commitment to clients and that delivers personal, individual attention, look no further than GSS. They're innovative and resourceful. Best of all, they've worked right alongside us, helping us achieve our goals."

- F. Bruce Lauer, Principal of CLW Real Estate Services Group

Don Doddridge

"We've been working with GSS for more than 20 years. They have demonstrated a deep understanding of our business that allows them to consistently offer better solutions to the issues and challenges we face and, in many cases, to anticipate and prepare us for what lies ahead. Any company looking for a CPA firm that can consistently exceed your expectations should look no further than GSS."

- Donald D. Doddridge, Chief Executive Officer of Florida Blood Services, Inc.

"GSS has been the accounting firm for two different insurance companies that I have worked with since 1999. I have found the personnel I deal with to be very knowledgeable of the insurance industry, responsive to my needs and have consistently provided quality work. What I value most about working with GSS is the breadth and depth of their accounting and business expertise. I would highly recommend GSS to insurance companies for all of their reporting needs."

- Trevor Hillier, Controller of American Strategic Insurance Corp.

Greg Matthews

"One of the first things I noticed about the professionals at GSS is that they approached the SAS report almost as if it was a partnership between our two firms. We wanted our SAS 70 to be as relevant and useful to the end user as it could be. They understood immediately, and to that end helped us reformat the report to meet those goals. By making it more meaningful to our clients, our staff now sees the real benefit in the process of preparing for the report and working with the professionals at GSS each year.

While the report does give an insight into our internal controls for the year-end plan processing, I think what has become far more important is assuring the owners and managers at Matthews Benefit Group that we are processing in a consistent and controlled manner. I believe getting prepared for the annual visit by the GSS team has improved the quality of our work and signals to our potential clients that we do things the way they should be done. As a final comment, I am quite comfortable with the efforts that the Matthews/GSS team has taken to keep this process cost effective."

- Gregory E. Matthews, Former Chief Executive Officer of Matthews Benefit Group, Inc.