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IRS Ground Rules for Charity Gaming

Games of chance like bingo and raffles are often synonymous with tax-exempt organizations. However, the income from such "gaming" activities operated by charities is not automatically tax-free. The IRS has provided more insight into the key rules in this area in its Publication 3079, Tax-Exempt Organizations and Gaming.

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Could Your Organization Fall Victim to Embezzlement?

Embezzlement by employees can take many forms -- from the simple use of a company credit card to buy inexpensive personal items to complex check forging schemes that result in massive losses. Take a look at these court cases, which illustrate some of the ways not-for-profit organizations can be defrauded:

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When Not-for-Profit Organizations Join Hands

It doesn't happen often, but sometimes not-for-profit organizations merge or are incorporated into one another. For example, your not-for-profit may be contemplating an acquisition of a smaller organization or perhaps you may be merged into a larger organization. In either event, this represents a significant change for managers both personally and professionally.

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Consider a 403(b) Retirement Option for Your Staff

Employer-sponsored plans play an increasingly significant role in retirement planning as individuals worry about the future of Social Security and their ability to finance the kind of retirement they envision. They also help employers attract and retain better employees, cutting the costs of having to find and train new hires.

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Accountable Plans Save Employees Tax Dollars

With salaries on a plateau or rising only slightly at most not-for-profit organizations, employers should be alert to other ways to give their employees a financial break. Having an accountable plan for business expense reimbursement is one way to save your employees some money.

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A Checklist of Duties with Tax and Governance Implications

Documentation and accountability are always important in business, but even more so for a not-for-profit agency. The sheer number of duties can be daunting. That's why it's crucial to have tools which allow you to stay on top of the details.

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